Opened in September 2003, the Detroit Beer Co. occupies the first two floors of the recently restored Hartz Building on Broadway in Downtown Detroit just steps from Comerica Park and Ford field making it the best spot for pre & post event. The historic setting, combined with state-of-the-art brewing technology and 21st century finishes provides a unique dining experience. Seating is available on both floors and can be reserved for special events.

The menu features a broad selection of eclectic American cuisine, all prepared with the freshest ingredients. From delectable appetizers, fresh salads, pizzas and pastas to delicious entrees and unique sandwiches, the menu has something for everyone and a kids menu is available.

Live Feed

Detroit Beer CO Its soo hot.......milk was a bad choice!

Gonna be a scorcher out there today, stop in for some ice cold suds and our Buffalo Chicken Wrap on special today!

Kevin Lucey As part of the celebration of Detroit's birthday, the second annual Bayou Detroit event will take place this Saturday. This is the second annual and put on by a local French organization to promote Detroit's history and North American French cultures. Would it be possible to post the attached poster to your Facebook page as well as a little blurb on the event? Because the Jazz Cafe at the Music Hall is so close to the Detroit Beer Company, cross promoting our event would be great, as attendees can head over to your bar after our event closes down! Thank you in advance for supporting this growing event and good cause. Below is a starting point for that short description:

Last year was the first Bayou Detroit event, a party to celebrate Cajun and zydeco music, dance, and Cajun cuisine. This year, we are adding a second band of Mississippi River Delta blues and are excited to announce that the second annual Bayou Detroit will take place on July 26! This even is produced by multiple local nonprofit organizations to promote appreciation of North America’s own French culture and have a great time in the process. Please see bayoudetroit.com or the Bayou Detroit Facebook page to be kept apprised of further details and purchase tickets.

Detroit Beer CO Raise your right hand. Take off your hat! Now place your left hand here.

Lunch special today is a BBQ Pork sandwich with Cole Slaw and cheddar cheese on a grilled onion roll, your choice of side!

Rafael Hairston Love your website. It's making me thirsty... lol!

Detroit Beer CO Lunch Special today friends is a Catfish Po'Boy! Lettuce, tomato, onion, homemade tartar sauce, and Swiss American cheese on a hoagie bun. Your choice of side!

Detroit Beer CO Hockeytown Hefeweizen is back on tap today! Really great wheat beer, come get some!

Detroit Beer CO The Facebooks have informed us that it is our brewmaster's birthday today. Let's all show Nate some love!

Detroit Beer CO Tonight, it will be decided whether or not the Tigers will have home field advantage in the World Series. Come watch the game here and grab a brew!

Detroit Beer CO My friend Harry and I would like to buy you guys a round of beers, just to bury the hatchet.

What's your favorite movie quote on beer?

Lunch Special today is Country Fried Chicken!

Detroit Beer CO In some ancient cultures their beer-making was taken so seriously, that if you brewed a bad batch, you were drowned in your own beer.

Considering we've had the same Brewmaster for years, he's doing something right! Stop in on this beautiful day and enjoy some of his amazing beer!

Detroit Beer CO You lack discipline!

Happy Friday! Lunch special today is a fish sandwich. Come enjoy this beautiful weather!

Detroit Beer CO Victory, sweet sweet victory!

Detroit Beer CO Fans and Friends! Our phones are back up and working! We are at your beckoning call for to go orders, event booking, and long conversations regarding the intricacies of brewing beer!

Detroit Beer CO Few aromas rival that of our wort (beer in the making) on a summer day. Feels good walking in to this beautiful establishment knowing we are creating some of the best beer on the planet. Come enjoy!

Detroit Beer CO The rain looks to slow down this afternoon, just in time for you to get here before the Tigers play and the Book of Mormon starts at the Detroit Opera House!

Today's special is a Grilled Chicken Philly with peppers, onions, swiss & american cheese, lettuce, and tomato, on a sesame sub. Served with fries or chips for only $9.95!

Scott M. Heussner Thanks josh for all the hospitality once again, great meal, and fantastic service. See you again soon!!

Detroit Beer CO Friends and fans, we are still experiencing some trouble with our phones, they should be fixed soon. We will do our best to get to emails and facebook messages as quickly as we can. Thanks for your patience!

Detroit Beer CO Two showings of the Book of Mormon at the Detroit Opera House as well as a primetime Tigers game at Comerica Park. And what a glorious day for it all! Come celebrate!

Detroit Beer CO Is that you John Wayne?

Detroit Beer CO Yes we are open! Regular hours today, stop in if you're downtown!

Detroit Beer CO Tigers game today and Book of Mormon at the Detroit Opera House. A beautiful day for such a great double header. Head on down for a brew! In a related matter, our phones are currently down, email or facebook us with any questions, we will address them as quickly as we can!

Detroit Beer CO Are you ready for USA/Belgium?!

Get pumped, and get here!


Babs Humperdink GOOD FOOD AND BEER.



Broadway Light
Local 1529 IPA
People Mover Porter
The Detroit Dwarf
Broke Down Brown
Baseball Beer
Detroit Hefeweizen
Crooked Grill English Pale Ale
Hop Rod Red

Hours of Operation

Sunday – Thursday
Friday & Saturday
11:00 AM – 2:00 AM
Please Call for Special Event Hours.